Piazza del Popolo Productions was created in 2002 as a production and postproduction company to produce and market documentaries and theatrical features of a very specific nature which is to explore the human spirit and condition in all it’s variances and aspects and told in the most simple and honest manner, style and terms. Although this broad and bold brushstoke may be claimed by other filmmakers the subject and process of movie making by the producers of Piazza del Popolo is unique and unconventional and in no way is influenced by what is commercially marketable. The defining phrase is ‘simple and honest’. The purpose of each project, whether documentary or feature, is to explore character and/or human circumstance which may have all of the elements of real life as we experience it and which is in that experience richly entertaining and illuminating. The producers wish to use this website to offer and share with the public these experiences of the human spirit with the confident hope that those of you who look for the poetry of the true human experience will find the documentaries and features of Piazza del Popolo engrossing and engaging.

All inquiries into the operation and projects completed, in the process of completion, and projects planned may be directed to:

Piazza del Popolo Productions
369 Montezuma Ave, Suite 245
Santa Fe NM 87501-2626

e-mail us: info@piazzadelpopoloproductions.com

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